Burrata and Other Italian Dishes at Pizzeria Mozza Singapore

My partner recently had something that she can’t get over with unless I sink my teeth in some of it too. To satiate her cravings and her fancy of me trying whatever it is, we headed to Pizzeria Mozza which is located at Bay Front, Singapore for our lunch today.

The restaurant is your typical sophisticated joint that you’d almost never see on the outskirts.  It’s adorned with sets of designer furniture, wine  walls, and flamboyant diners, who are then wrapped in warm ambient light and unintelligible chatters of their making.

Video was shot using Sony RX100 V and easily edited on iPad Pro using iMovie.

There is still some truth to the prevalent info on search engines – the spot gets thronged between the hours of 12 – 3 PM. I leave to your better judgement the rest of the axioms forthrightly pitched in by netizens, including myself.

The Food: Burrata, Avocado with Asparagus, and Fresh Hand-made Pizza

Countless nomads would agree that one way to travel and discover distant parts of the world sans wearing off happy feet is by savoring specialty delicacies. That said, I’m thankful for these kinds of joints that bridge east and west.

By wiki-definition, Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella, while the inside contains stracciatella and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture.

We had it garnished with ground basil, seasoned with olive oil, and topped with sweet cherry tomatoes. It was a fresh and pleasant sight.

Heavenly soft and gentle cheese flavor sheathe the tang of cherry tomato. It was slightly chewy but absolutely easy on the palate. The Burrata is far from the familiar sensation of having cheese, but more akin to texture of a delicate and savory pastry. This grub has forever won an Asian fan in me now.

The rest of what we had were similarly delicious. The use of select and fresh ingredients was apparently writ large on their distinct goodness. But to be honest, I would remember this spot for the Burrata alone.

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