How I Eat Tons of Raw Spinach and Actually Enjoy It

Even without the things that you are going to see on this post, I already like to eat raw spinach, in a dish, of course. Now, I shared some of my healthy spinach smoothie sans refined sugar, nor sweetened milk, to someone who loathes this dark greens and she actually enjoyed it.

I’m not going to babble about the benefits of having spinach, or dark greens for that matter. If you’re still on to this post, chances are you already know how important they are in your diet and you’re looking for ways to have them without throwing up.

It’s no rocket science. Simply wash, prepare, and blend in all the ingredients together and you’re in for a treat in no time. The secret ingredients, if you want to call it that, are frozen fruits. I toss in the freezer whatever fruit I have that’s about to get overripe. I can keep them longer that way, and they are perfect for smoothies – make my smoothies rich, thick, and naturally sweetened.

Other than that, I just add in a scoop of protein for my additional dose of that macro, and I’m all set. This is my go to breakfast whenever I’m running late. It’s delicious, healthy, filling, and quick to make.

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