Install & Resize Disk Space of NetApp CDOT 9.1 on VMware Workstation

For my personal lab that’s running a nested ESXi, I chose to use NetApp Cluster Mode (CDOT) simulators as my iSCSI targets. Obviously, I could’ve chosen a much simpler filer (i.e. Windows Server acting as a filer, or Open Filer) to go along with my virtualization lab but I have legit reasons – I’m a consultant  working for a NetApp Partner, and I’d like to stay in the know especially when tinkering stuffs.

As for this post, a meager 23GB (default) usable space from a CDOT simulator won’t go far as primary vSphere Datastore, so I’ll go ahead and resize it to about 400 GB (per CDOT node) using the steps below.

1. Import the OVA and initialize the storage simulator.

a. Open VMware Workstation > click File > Open the storage simulator you’ve downloaded from
b. Turn on the virtual machine (VM) and press CTRL + C when prompted to start the Boot Menu.
c. Press 4 and then Enter to clean the configuration and initialize the disks. Press Y on the prompts to confirm this action.

Let the simulator reboot and perform the initialization.

2. After the initialization, the simulator will ask if you want to enable autosupport, press CTRL + C to skip this step and proceed to the login prompt.

Type admin and leave the password blank.

3. Type and enter the following commands in sequence:

security login password -username diag
enter a new password: (type a password for user diag)
enter it again:

security login password -username admin
enter the current password: (leave this blank)
enter a new password:
enter it again:

security login unlock -username diag
set -privilege advanced (press y on the next prompt to continue)
set -privilege diag (press y on the next prompt to continue)
systemshell local
diag@'s password:

setenv PATH "${PATH}:/usr/sbin"
cd /sim/dev/,disks
sudo rm v0*
sudo rm v1*
sudo rm ,reservations
cd /sim/dev/
vsim_makedisks -h
sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 36 -a 0
sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 36 -a 1
sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 36 -a 2
sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 36 -a 3
halt (type y to confirm reboot)

The screen will prompt you to press any key to reboot – don’t. Instead, right-click on the VM and choose Power Off.

4. Again, right-click the VM on VMware Workstation and choose Settings… or click Edit virtual machine settings.

5. Select Hard Disk 4 and then click on Expand at the right hand side.

Change the size to 550 GB and confirm action.

6. Power the VM on again, press CTRL + C, and select option number 4 again.

The initialization will take noticeably longer this time. After which, set up your CDOT simulator following the rest of the instructions in the official simulator guide. In the end, the simulator will have 58 x 8GB disks.

The same steps can be done to all the nodes that will be joining this cluster.

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