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Microsoft OneNote has been my note taking tool of choice after dilly-dallying for quite some time with other similar tools. Even if my mobile devices are from Apple, my note-taking use cases had me pass on the native and go for Microsoft’s.

The Microsoft OneNote Web Clipper is a useful browser plugin – readily available from the official Safari Extensions Gallery –  that I often use to keep note-worthy stuffs whenever I’m consuming web contents on my Mac. One great thing about it that’s not available in Apple devices’ sharing feature (share icon with arrow on top) is the capability to keep Full page, Region only, or Article only of whatever content you want to save in your OneNote.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the same awesome tool on your devices running iOS (Apple iPhone or iPad):

1. Prepare your iPhone or iPad’s mobile Safari by going to the Settings App > Safari > set Block Cookies to “Always Allow”.

2. Tap Advanced > set JavaScript to “ON.”

3. Open this tutorial on your iPhone or iPad, and then copy the code below:


4. Tap on the square icon with arrow on your mobile Safari > choose Add Bookmark.

5. Name the bookmark as you wish (i.e. OneNote Web Clipper), replace the website with the code you just copied, and then hit Save.

Now, simply go to bookmarks and tap on OneNote Web Clipper we just created every time you wish to save a web page or an article to your OneNote while you are using mobile Safari.

By the way, I use this great and neat iPad Pro case that supports screen auto On/Off with integrated Apple Pencil holder.

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