Moment Wide Lens and Phone Case Review

The cameras on several smartphones nowadays are undoubtedly capable of taking high-resolution, vibrant, and crisp photos. Different flagship phones from some vendors like Apple, Google, and Samsung will have their pros and cons, but they are generally good enough for daily use of most photography enthusiast and wanderers.

However, if you’re like me who wants the most stock Android experience from Google Pixel 2 XL but with LG-like photography features (i.e. ultra-wide lens + standard wide lens), or you wish your smartphone’s camera to be slightly better, slightly more capable, you’ll want this solution from Moment – an interchangeable lens with phone case system.

Phone Case

I got myself the black Google Pixel 2 XL case with textured black canvas for USD29.99. It adds noticeable bulk to the phone but, thanks to the soft and smooth rubber feel of the case, it’s tolerable. The edge of the case slightly extends above the screen to protect it when you have your phone face down.

Wide Lens (v2)

For USD99.99, this 18mm wide lens is built like a tank that is mostly made of precisely-machined metal and quality glass. You can’t compare this to other cheap detachable or clip-on lens that’s all plastic even the lens itself. I guess that should be expected for a product priced like this; nonetheless, it’s not cheap.

The System

They almost make a Google Pixel 2 XL weigh double, and everything feels unbalanced. I highly recommend a wrist strap looped in if this system will stay for a while on your phone to avert potential mishaps. If you can live with that, the overall experience and the results you could get from this system could be amazing.

Like what I mentioned earlier, the phone case is nice to the touch and provides excellent protection. The lens itself looks and feels very premium. Attaching and removing the lens to the case is smooth and snug (you’ll see later on the video clips). The lens pouch and the lens cover are well built too.

Sample results

I only have the version 2 of their wide lens, but I can tell that their glass is awesome. I’m confident to say that you could get similar picture quality from their other lenses. Here are some unedited (just resized) photos with and without the Moment wide lens:

Moment Wide Lens ON

Moment Wide Lens OFF

Moment Wide Lens ON

Moment Wide Lens OFF

Moment Wide Lens ON

Moment Wide Lens OFF

Moment Wide Lens OFF (re-framed)

With and without the wide lens at 100% crop (slightly off center)

At 100% crop, the picture becomes a bit softer with the Moment wide lens on your device. This usually is not much of an issue for landscapes and wide shots, which could be remedied easily with a little bit of sharpening in post process. But it’s a different story when we’re talking about portrait shots though.

Here are some video clips that were taken with and without the Moment wide lens:


Unfortunately, there’s noticeable shake while the Moment wide lens is on the device even with the video stabilization enabled. A gimbal would undoubtedly help in that regard. In contrast, the footage becomes buttery smooth as soon as I popped the lens off.


+ Phone case is nice to the touch with good protection
+ Premium built and materials
+ Picture quality is great


– Added bulk might be a deal breaker to some
– Unavoidable camera shake while taking videos
– Commands high price

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