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Latest stories

Run Virtual Machine on External Hard Drive


Ever wondered if it's possible and how it would be like if you run virtual machines from an external hard drive connected to the USB port of your computer? I did, and I finally had the opportunity to get things together to test it out. Check out this post to find out what happened.

Set up VMware vSphere Auto Deploy


Auto Deploy is a system / infrastructure that should allow us to watch a new ESXi host auto-magically appear on our vSphere environment to contribute its resources. Everything is done for us autonomously after we mount an ESXi host in our datacenter, connect it to the appropriate network, and turn it on. Here's how to configure it.

VMware vSphere 6.5 Lab on a MacBook


Due to my apparent predicament, I've decided to promote my mobile workhorse, a MacBook Pro (MBP), to a portable virtual infrastructure (VI) lab too. And on this post, I'll share some tips that could help with building vSphere 6.5 lab on a MacBook too, and some experiences that could spare you the trouble managing it.

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